It's all about contra dancing to some of the hottest rhythm out there is what it's about.  When Notorius cranks it up with Mark (Pokey) rhythms Eden's fiddle practically catches fire as Larry drives his guitar in a way that only Sam's mandolin can keep up with.  And if you haven't heard World Beat Contra (from New England by way of the Moon): the Gaslight Tinkers bring Garrett's bass and Jopey's drums into the mix in way that lets Audrey's fiddle and Peter's guitar soar and take your feet with them.

Perhaps you've already hiked the red rock country of Sedona and shared the pathways with seekers of spiritual healing and enlightenment.  Maybe you are a seeker yourself.  Maybe you've even sought out the rocks shops that charge a little extra for their 'special' quartz because it has that little extra rock rock mystic power.  Well, if you haven't gotten it out of your system you can head out after 3 pm Sunday, 'cause we're here to dance!

Sam Bartlett dancers

Spoiler alert-- the Saturday Night theme will be Crystal (you could be Crystal) , , , or red rocks . . . you could come as a votex . . . or . . .

Crystal Vortex Contra Vamp

No, it's not about that woman from Laguna who got lost in the Red Rocks above Sedona trying to rendezvous with her zen shaman-- it's a dance weekend.  Her name wasn't Crystal anyway (Chrissy?), but that's another story . . .

Contra Weekend in Cottonwood AZ  Sept 29 - Oct 1, 2017