Sam Bartlett dancers

Contra Weekend in Cottonwood AZ  Sept 29 - Oct 1, 2017

Crystal Vortex Contra Vamp

        CLaims and Stakeholders and the BIG Secret

     So what's the real deal?  Is this like a 'new' weekend?  Where did it come from?  Why are we only charging $99 for a full dance weekend with substantial snacks and some of the best live talent you'll see anywhere? [In case you missed it, that was the BIG Secret -- it isn't just an 'earlybird special', the price doesn't go up-- it's only $99, period.]

      What's the catch?  Well, you're right-- no organizer can pay for a nice dance hall, airline tickets for bands and callers from across the county, and ply you with more snacks than you really should eat for a whole weekend for $99.  Somebody's gotta be losing if this is for real.  But there is no catch.  Yes, So We Dance is going to lose money on this dance.  It's supposed to.  That's because you've already made a down payment for this dance weekend . . . or someday you will.

     If you've been to a dance weekend in Northern Arizona, whether it was in Jerome or Clarkdale or Cottonwood or even a few of the Prescott weekends, then maybe you've already paid some of the money for this weekend.  The Crystal Vortex (So We Dance) is helping to give it back to you in the form of great dancing to fabulous live music and calling.  If you haven't joined us before, that's O.K.!  We believe that sometime you'll reach in your pocket to make sure that live music and this kind of social dancing remains part of the fabric of our culture.  You can be a stakeholder by dancing with us!

     Here's a final give-back to our stakeholders.  If you pay your $99 and dance with us starting Friday evening and if you're still there for the last waltz Sunday afternoon, we're going to give you a bonus-- just give us your name and we will pay $25 towards your next contra dance weekendWe'll write a check to Dance in the Desert, Boo Camp, one of the PFOTM Frolics, Fiddlin' Frog, Harvest Moon, Wasatch Wiggle, Folksmadness or a score of other camps.  Just be one of our stakeholders and we'll stake you to even more dancing!